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Our Program

The combination of rigorous academic and hands-on experiential learning has a powerful and positive impact on academic readiness and personal growth in the critical transition from childhood to adolescence. An interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum is planned and centered around Learning Expeditions. GEMS students work in a school setting where the individual needs of students are known by their teachers.

Students participate in Learning Expeditions throughout the school year that integrate classroom work with community-based inquiry and learning that is proven to promote student engagement through academic understating, to build character and self confidence in students, and to foster a collaborative school culture. Students experience an integrated curriculum that is based on the principles of EL Education, a nationally recognized non-profit organization that provides effective ways for schools to educate children; its philosophy is built on the ideas of nationally recognized Outward Bound.

Please visit http://www.eleducation.org to learn more about EL Schools. In addition, students at GEMS will be introduced to the 21st century skills, technology and electronic resources that prepare them to take their places as citizens in a global world. The Graham Elementary & Middle School is led by experienced school leaders and dedicated faculty committed to active pedagogy and collaboration. Teachers are committed to fostering and building community among the students and each other.
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