Student life at TGS is as diverse as its student body. Students come from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. In addition to an academic schedule, students are involved in clubs, experiential sites, and other extracurricular activities. The clubs focus on a range of student interests, including photography, current events, music and more. Participation in these activities gives students opportunities to explore and share their interests.

Student activities, clubs, and sports are driven by student leadership, student interest and student participation. We encourage students to pursue their passions and staff are here to help facilitate that process.

Transcript Request

Please use the link below to request your TGS transcripts to be sent to colleges, universities, scholarship organizations, or employment opportunities you have applied for. Please allow up to 10 business days for your request to be processed. If you have questions about this, please contact [email protected]

The Arts at TGS

Art Survey and Beginning Drawing courses are currently being offered to students at TGS.

The Art Survey course introduces students to a variety of art making techniques and concepts, including drawing, color theory (students create their own color wheel and learn about mixing colors), abstract expression (students learn about the movement through presentations and research, and creating an abstract painting), and history of art (researching an artist and creating a mini-art book).

Upcoming projects include sculpture and ceramics--We need newspaper donations!!

The Beginning Drawing course focuses on developing drawing skills including shading, porportion, drawing from observation, cubist movement (complete a cubist collage, learn about how Picaso invented the modern notion of collage), and history of art (researching a cubist artist and creating a mini-art book).

All projects are designed to be open to students at all ranges of artistic abilities, from beginning artists to advanced! For questions about the TGS Art program, please contact Randi Channel at [email protected]

May Days

May Days comprises a month-long academic program at The Graham School. It is modeled after similar programs at other high schools and colleges. May Days provides courses on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that are intensely focused on one area of interest. These courses are designed to promote life-long learning through the combined pursuit of experience and knowledge. Students can earn .5 academic credit. Some classes will include field trips, out of town experiences, and other work not at the school. More details will be made available to students and families during second semester prior to sign up for May Days courses. May Days does not affect the schedule of the Tuesday-Thursday experiential program.

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