Our Program

Our Program

As the primary means of articulating our mission to "encounter the world and engage the mind," we offer students a balance of classroom and experiential learning opportunities. In connection with our national partner, EL Education, teachers collaborate to build expeditions the enhance and enrich the curriculum with hands on experiences in the field with access to experts on and off site.

Classroom work in traditional and non-traditional (for high schools) courses helps students acquire basic conceptual and factual knowledge and develops study habits, self-discipline, research skills, and teamwork. Research, teaching, and service learning experiences develop students' confidence in their ability to do productive and significant work and form a tangible commitment to their community. 

The school is committed to students experiencing college-level courses while in high school through partnership programs with area higher education institutions through the CCP program and building a program of Career and Technical Education. 

To graduate, students must meet all the requirements for completing coursework in the academic areas as stipulated by the State of Ohio, including passing the Ohio Graduation Test. The Graham School also has further graduation requirements in connection with its 12th grade WalkAbout, a semester long experiential program.

Habits of Learning

Self-Direction:  We are dedicated to the learning process and set goals for our learning and behavior. We take ownership of our work and our actions; take initiative when we are supposed to, and especially when there is no one looking.  We strive for mastery and expertise through the process of revision and pride in craftsmanship, ultimately seeking to become artisans.


We never give up.  We work hard and keep trying, even and especially when it gets tough.  We recognize when we need help and elicit it.  We are resourceful and work to solve problems creatively.  We understand that some things are going to be hard- yet we persist to achieve more than we thought we could.  We can adapt to challenges, remaining diligent and establishing a network of social and academic supports.  We continue to revise our work until expectations are met or exceeded.

Teamwork & Collaboration:  “We are crew, not passengers.”  We work together to meet our goals, supporting each other through the journey.  We celebrate each other’s successes and problem solve, when necessary.  We are a team.  We hold each other accountable for our actions, goals, and achievements.  We cultivate relationships to enhance and strengthen bonds of commitment to our community.

Service & Stewardship:  We “get smart to do good” in our community.  We see service not as an isolated action, but as a way of being a member of a community. We take responsibility for our community and the environment around us by caring for each other and our surroundings.  Our campus reflects our talents, creativity, and commitment to maintaining beautiful spaces.  We think about how our words and actions affect the people around us; work to be kind and considerate to others; and seek to understand and relate to diverse perspectives.

Adventure & Risk:  We honor and model our school motto, “Encounter the World and Engage the Mind” by pursuing challenges and opportunities outside of our comfort zone that allow us to grow.  We are courageous, passionate, and attentive to our self-discovery.  We understand that there are many routes to knowledge and realize that failure along the journey is essential to learning.  We believe that success without the experience of adversity brings only a limited sense of accomplishment.

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