TCS@ODU Student-Led Conferences

During the conference, students explain their progress toward and mastery of both academic (content/skill) learning targets and character (Panther Pillar) expectations. Students share their progress by leading their families through a portfolio of assignments taken from academic classes.

Students share grades from each class by referencing specific assignments that show their mastery of the learning targets and Panther Pillars. Students also complete self-evaluations of their performance in academic classes and share them with their families. Students are held accountable for their progress when they explain areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. The tone of the conference is positive with a focus on what can be done to ensure success as opposed to what has been done poorly.  

Goals of Student-Led Conferences include:

=         Providing an opportunity for students to take responsibility for their academic progress

=         Building capacity for students to think about who they are as learners

=         Building relationships between families, students and the school

=         Promoting positive and proactive discussions about academics with families

As your student's Crew leader, I would like to schedule a Student Led Conference with you. Because of how important SLCs are to our program they are mandatory for all students and families and count for an important grade in Crew.

Click here to complete the form. Please return the completed form to your student's Crew teacher before Tues. Nov. 20. 

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